Cryptocurrency is going to be the future of digital market is what many successful investors like Elon Musk etc. say. It is virtual or digital currency which uses encryption technology for its transactions which is where the word crypto arises from. They are decentralized without any third-party involvement. It works on a system of blockchain which makes it safer.

Why should one opt cryptocurrency?

  • Cryptocurrency works on a network of blockchain that uses a public and digital ledger to record all the transactions. The transaction and data related to one’s cryptocurrency is stored on different nodes that connect the entire crypto network which makes it difficult to hack or fall prey any other cybercrime. More than half of the systems in the networks are to be hacked at once to do so.
  • Cryptocurrencies don’t have any third-party involvement such as banks or the government which ensures privacy. Cryptocurrencies have very low transaction cost as compared to that of banks and there’s no delay in making transactions including the international transactions.
  • One can have 24*7 access to their currencies.
  • Since one doesn’t need to provide much personal information to create an account, your identity won’t be attached.

Things to know before investing in cryptocurrency


  • Be alert of fake websites and people who catfish as celebrities. They claim guaranteed multiplication of investment as return and try to manipulate the people with their fake celebrity status or wealth.
  • Cryptocurrency hugely depends on the supply-demand phenomenon. As the demand raise, the value for the currency raises too and vice versa.
  • The non-existence of a central bank is a huge advantage as well as disadvantage. The disadvantage is that the transfer of currency becomes irreversible.
  • Since there’s no personal information given, once the password and recovery phase answers are lost, one loses their account and currency permanently.
  • Stay safe from data theft.

Since crypto world is in its infancy stage which is further going to grow into a huge digital marketplace be sure to do your research. Learn the technicalities and about how cryptocurrency works. Start with less investments. Cryptocurrencies are stored in digital wallets and there are many different kinds of such wallets. Do proper research and choose a trustworthy wallet. Based upon the amount of currency, select the kind of secured and useful wallet that’ll serve your purpose. The world of crypto comes with both huge profits and loses. So, be prepared!