Power to choose

Duquesne Light Company is a local electric utility that serves more than 525,000 residential and commercial customers in southwest Pennsylvania. They maintain the power lines, transformers, substations and poles that ensure your electricity gets to your business or home when you require it.

Your Duquesne Light electric bill is comprised of four components of Customer Charge, Distribution Charge, Transmission Charge and Supply/Generation Charge. These charges are based on the filings made by DLC with the Pennsylvania Public Utility Commission (PUC) that set rates for electricity in your area.

Rates for customers are controlled by the PUC and must be approved prior to the electric company can start offering service to new customers. These filings contain an agreement on the rules and regulations applicable to each service, based on the nature and size of the customer and the amount of demand, and the meter size.

DLC offers a variety different electricity plans to commercial, residential and industrial customers. These plans can help you save the cost of your energy bill. They also provide green energy options, like 100% renewable power plans that reduce your carbon footprint.

No matter which plan you select to use the Duquesne Light electric bills will comprise four components that include Customer Charge and Distribution Charge, Supply/Generation rate, Transmission Charge, and Supply/Generation Charge. These charges are paid monthly even if you do not use a lot of electricity.

The Customer Charge is a monthly, basic service charge that includes charges for the reading of meters, billing to customers and other expenses. It also covers your electricity use and any additional charges that aren’t included in your Distribution Charges, including any charges for special services or reconnecting your service.

These charges can vary depending on the frequency you utilize power. These charges are an important component of your monthly electric bill and can have a significant impact on the amount you pay each month.

Duquesne Light developed many programs to assist people in saving money and minimize their impact on the environment. They provide free home energy audits, appliance rebates, and incentives for generating your own green, clean electricity.

They also have energy saving programs for commercial and industrial businesses, such as incentives and rebates to install a renewable power generating system. The utility offers tips and insight on how to cut down on your electricity consumption through the Home Energy Center.

While you can switch your supplier at any time however, it could take several days before your new energy provider begins processing your account. It’s easy to switch providers and can help you save money on electricity bills.

Compare the duquesne Light electricity suppliers to find the best one for you. You can lower your Duquesne Light electric rate and get rid of the hassle of paying an electric company by selecting a competitive retail electricity provider. Your new electricity provider will take care of everything so you can concentrate on other aspects of your life.