Selling Your Rhode Island House Made Easy with PurchRock

traditional house selling

In Rhode Island, selling a home can be a challenging and stressful process, particularly if you need to sell it fast or it needs repairs. The traditional procedure of selling a house entails waiting for the perfect buyer to come along, dealing with inspections and repairs, finding a real estate agent, and listing the property. Selling your Rhode Island home to PurchRock, a national acquisition company that specializes in purchasing distressed, non-performing, high-yield, and value-add real estate properties, is a quicker and easier alternative.

Get Your Fair Cash Offer

If you’re considering selling your home in Rhode Island, PurchRock can make you a reasonable cash offer in as little as 24 hours. All you have to do is enter your property location, contact information, and email address into the online form on our website. After that, we will arrange a brief, 30-minute walkthrough of your home. We will make you a cash offer that is reasonable and competitive based on the state of your home and the local real estate market.

Compare Listing vs. Selling To Us

When it comes to selling your house in Rhode Island, you have two options – listing it with a real estate agent or selling it to PurchRock. While listing your house may seem like the traditional way to sell a property, it may not be the best option for everyone. Here are some of the differences between listing your house and selling it to PurchRock:


  • You have to make repairs and prepare the property for showings
  • Real estate agents charge a commission
  • It is only a matter of time before the right buyer comes along
  • You have to pay closing costs and other fees

Selling to PurchRock

  • You don’t have to make any repairs or prepare the property
  • No commissions are due
  • You can sell your house within days, not months
  • There is no closing cost or fee to pay


Selling a house in Rhode Island can be a stressful and time-consuming process, but it doesn’t have to be. If you choose PurchRock to sell your house, you will save time and money without incurring any out-of-pocket expenses. We buy houses AS-IS, provide a fair cash offer within 24 hours, and take care of everything, including the closing costs.

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