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A town and community called Buckley are located in Flintshire, northeastern Wales, two miles (three kilometers) from the county seat of Mold, and close to the settlements of Ewloe, Alltami, and Mynydd Isa. The bigger A55 road, which passes close by, is on the smaller A549 road. In terms of population, Buckley is the second-largest town in Flintshire.

The Hanson Cement kiln is a notable nearby site located just south of the town. In 1198 and 1294, Buckley is spelled as Bocleghe and Bokkeley, respectively. Old English bucc lah may have meant “clearing of the bucks,” but the frequency of O vowels in historical versions suggests that the first element could be a personal name, Bocca. One can sell houses via the site

Climate of the Place

Located in northeastern Wales, Buckley is around 10 kilometers (six miles) east of the border with England. Buckley is in a dry area since it is in the shadow of the Snowdonia mountain range to the west. Buckley experiences yearly rainfall on the order of 700–800 mm (28–31 in), which is considerably less than regions to the west of the Snowdonia mountain range.

Buckley still gets a decent lot of rain, but not as much as places in the East and South East of the UK. Considering that Buckley is higher than its surrounding communities—430–490 feet above sea level—snowfall occurs more frequently throughout the winter months.

Religion followed by the people of Buckley

The fact that Buckley has two parishes is rare. The Church of St. Matthew was dedicated in 1822 and is the town’s oldest parish church. While having an early Gothic-style building, Bistre Emmanuel Parish Church was only constructed in 1842. The first Primitive Methodist Church in Wales is located in Alltami, a neighborhood outside of Buckley.

A nonconformist potter named Jonathan Catherall founded the chapel now known as St. John’s United Reformed Church in 1811 as “Chapel in the Meadow.” Catherall had already held services in the home he named after Lord Hawkesbury. In spite of the Church’s prohibition against bells in chapels, he erected a bell tower on his property.